our vision

Our Vision

Around 9 million Pakistanis are living abroad today and the need to connect back with the motherland for various needs i.e. property management, documentation renewals and attestations, family care, gift delivery, even event hosting have become complex than ever when being physically absent in home countries and staying abroad only. As an entity of Instakin, we provide solutions for all your issues and concerns. Our global networks thriving along our professional and effective kin both in Pakistan and USA is making sure that each and every customer of ours experiences a 100% satisfaction and real solution of their issues as expats in swiftest way possible.

The concept of Instakin drove out of our personal experiences when as founders and immigrants ourselves, we faced challenging issues in strengthening business and relationship bonds back in native land while living abroad. After struggling for a few years, we encountered a network and a structure that could help millions of immigrants and expats in making their lives hassle-free, literally holding the potential of delivering solution set which one we not conceive. Today after serving multiple overseas and providing them with best solutions, our vision is corresponding with our first business philosophy we found; which is to, Serve people through people. We envision to fabricate a system where expats living in any part of the globe can us dial a call; to our task managers at Instakin anytime from anywhere and witness their work being done as perfectly as one can imagine. We envision to cater the 244+ million overseas citizens across the globe from multiple country roots and ethnicities and serve them with real solutions 24/7. If not perfect then best service, this is what we as a team of Instakin have committed to deliver our customers.