Family Care

Family care services at Instakin are quite advanced as compared to any other wing of the organization. The purpose of getting on-board with this idea was to cater south Asian immigrants still having ties and emotional concerns back in home-country After all, family is what you are born to and what you are dead to.

People living across borders are already dumped up with the consequences of striving to have a basic living in an alien country, and this is when they are the most sentimental about friends and family back in the native country.

Instakin strives to bridge this emotional gap with the following services ensuring that distance is not what sets you apart!

Home-based medical care

Analyzing the fact that immigrants are conscious about the health of their friends and family while they are several miles away: Instakin has come up with something as unique as “home-based medical care”. The idea is to facilitate immigrants with a solution to let go of all of their worries.

Now they can make home-based medical arrangements for their loved ones back in Pakistan. May it be your aged parents, a toddler, or the unfortunate bed-ridden and chair-bound pals, INSTAKIN can escape you from such nerve-racking situations on just on call.

Our home-based medical care includes:

  • Home checkups
  • Home nursing

Hospital visits setup

What Instakin offers next is “Hospital visits setup”.

Living abroad feels like being helpless to your own family but not anymore. You can now avail the opportunity to book doctor’s appointments for your loved ones in any other country from anywhere around the world, ONLY THROUGH INSTAKIN.

Ping us anytime and our 24/7 customer support will guide you to the best consultants in town along with their OPD availabilities and follow-ups.

Pharmacy delivery

Going further, what will be an appointment good for, if it would not be followed by proper medications? Yet again, here comes your ultimate task manager-Call Instakin now from miles away to reach out to your friends and family with pharmacy assistants. All you have to do is just reach us and our kin will be delivering medicines on the doorstep to your loved ones!


Last but not least, Instakin has brought a revolution for south Asian immigrants by facilitating services like tele-medicines. People living abroad can now even book online appointments from doctors around the globe for their fellows back in the home country. Simply call Instakin and our team of experts will help you out with above satisfactory solutions and services.

So, what are you wondering about? Bridge this emotional gap with what was only a dream before!

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