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We are the trusted task managers catering to expats and immigrants for getting things done back home.

Living abroad, away from your family can already be emotionally taxing. You are bound to worry about your investments, properties, important events, health and wellbeing of your older family members, and documentation for your personal needs or legal compliances. Instakin provides you with options that promise to make your life hassle-free. You can make sure that all your above mentioned needs are being fulfilled in a professional manner by a trusted partner.

Being an immigrant, sometimes you require certain important documents to be delivered to you from your home country. Be it a police certificate, birth certificate, degree attestations or any other documents from government offices, which is a major challenge to manage as you need a reliable person to entrust it with. It is not only time-consuming, expensive and unsafe but it mostly ends up bringing more frustration to you rather than relieving you of that tension. Instakin with its trusted services provide you the best way to acquire any of those documents from back home.

People are busy in their personal lives so relying upon your friends and family to take care of your assets/properties sometimes gets you into mental distress. If you intend to buy or sell a property or are looking to rent it out or maintain an existing one then you are in just the right place. Our property management services are tailored to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve by getting you the right price, best-profiled tenants, reliable staff and to offer you the best repair and maintenance services. Taxes and other property related documentation remains the core of our services.

We all love our elders and really feel devastated when they are not keeping up well. By taking care of your elders in the best possible way especially when they are not in good health, Instakin helps you fulfill your responsibilities towards your loved ones. We specialize in arranging appointments for their routine check-ups, laboratory services, physiotherapy, and dialysis sessions and by keeping you updated about their health. Our online delivery service ensures that they get the best pharmaceutical products and surgical equipment within time. We become a helping hand through our team of home-based nursing, physiotherapists and medical practitioners ensuring that they follow their routine and get the much-needed support. Human dignity, fairness, and dedication are the core values that we follow.

Making the trip back home is always an experience that you look forward to as you crave to be among your loved ones but getting the right contacts, finding trustworthy people, and booking everything at the right cost and at the right time makes you tired and exhausted. This is where Instakin comes in, Instakin with its back to home travel planning services allow you the peace of mind by being your most trusted partner who will ensure everything is pre and well planned.

The biggest happiness on earth is to bring people together. From childbirth to birthdays, engagements to wedding events, we have the team to do it all for you. We connect you to the best event planners who provide excellent services and that too within your specified budget. Corporate events are not so easy to manage but you can rely upon us to manage your conferences, trade shows, webinars and all that you may need for your client and employee’s engagement. We offer the best concierge facilities for all your events like air travel, car rentals, room bookings, etc. Courtesy, personal touch, timeliness and the focus on minute details differentiate us from the rest.