Instakin solution for immigrants around the globe

Welcome to, the cease less source of guide and indefinite portal of solutions. We are familiar with the hassle and complexities faced by immigrants. So have your landing on commended; because our dynamic team is ready to brush away your greatest overseas issues. We are the Kin residing in Pakistan you were looking for. From event management, property management, documentation, family care to wrapping up the last flower on gift for your dear ones, Instakin is set to go and get it done for you!

With 7.6M+ Pakistanis living abroad and along a growing ratio of immigrants on consistent basis, Instakin has decided to hold the bar of one-stop solution for all; practical than ever and that too on global level. Recently, MassChallenge (statistically one of the leading and well recognized startup accelerators has commended Instakin startup 2019 through an international frame of perception and we are proud. It recognized Instakin’s growth potential as, a disruptive idea that can be used by millions of immigrants worldwide to get things done in their homelands. Are you an immigrant living abroad while struggling to maintain relationship and business ties in Pakistan? The World Bank has declared its foresight quoting that Pakistan will be winning a $45 trillion economy by 2047 while we obviously know how Pakistan is currently one of the best arenas to experiment businesses on small and large scales. But we know you are stuck around a foreign land and wanting hard to try your luck with Pakistan so what do you do? There are families here that you wish to support including your parents which are on verge of fragility due to old age bones and obviously the documents you need to get cleared and regained. However that all needs to happen without needing you to visit and re-visit Pakistan; but how? Well we also pondered the quest for long until we founded the one stop for all solutions,, ourselves. There is a relief in our business plan that we aim to provide you so coming back to how exactly we may serve you. There are currently 5 arenas we have looped in; which includes event management, property management, family care, gift delivery and documentation assistance. We have also assured our resources and connection’s strength to bear up with massive loads as well as 1kg gift delivery to the very doorstep of your beloved. We know how to organize a grand hall of concert, exhibition booths, opening ceremony, awards celebration as well as a lovely themed birthday party for your anticipating kiddo. Try us as your Pakistani Kin pack to back up each and every overseas issue. Be it a grand event you are planning, land property you wish to investigate and close deals in your favor or even your age old parents you are struggling to take care of; Instakin commits supporting you 24/7.

So are you ready for us to revolutionize your game in Pakistan while living abroad? We are! Our Services

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