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How Instakin Helps You In Driving Business

Being a one-stop solution for all your problems as an immigrant, Instakin is an open platform for many reasons. We are the proud servers of five prevailing categories i.e., documentation, property management, event management, gift delivery and family care. However, this is not where we cease. Instead, Instakin bears an open platform for both, amateur & professional vendors to join hands with us and grow their careers while serving in the most efficient way.
Yes, you heard it right! –Instakin is where you can collaborate and take your business to a whole new level of success. As a vendor, all you need to do is to fill out the vendor registration form here and let our KIN to get in touch with you.

“Instakin believes in expanding networks”

Who Do We Serve

Instakin is striving to serve 7.8million+ overseas Pakistanis. Our vision further expands to serve more than 244, 00,000 immigrants around the globe regardless of their country roots. Our main focus is to provide them with real life solutions. We are here to help people in managing documentations, properties, gift deliveries, family care and stuffs like event management.

Primarily, we are here to cater who have knots back at home country. Our core focus is to assist them with whatever is required to be done!-Now may it be a simple document attestation, degree verification from university, event planning, or something as massive as buying a property.
Instakin is where your problems are destined to meet a solution!

How Do We Do It?

Instakin serves as a third party when it comes to functioning. The process is quite simple and pretty synchronized.


Considering documentation, the matter is of great concern and holds sensitivity. We, as the trusted task manager get your document work done in the simplest way that involves three parties at least
In a nutshell, if you want a document to be attested by HEC, obviously flying all the way to your home country for just one stamp does not sounds like a good idea–This is where Instakin comes in. no matter whether you are in UAE, UK, CANADA, or USA at last, we can serve as a trusted third party to get your work done and delivery it to you within time. However, keeping the confidentiality level up to the mark.

document attestation

Gift delivery

Moving further, similar to documentation, people living abroad often find it difficult to send gifts to their loved ones living back in home country. This is because the process is pretty fussy to be swallowed with daily life chores as you first need to buy gifts and then take notes for delivery across the river. However, not forgetting to mention incredibly higher courier prices.

gift delivery services
Hence, once again, Instakin helps you deal with the issue effortlessly. We are third party servers providing gift delivery service for your loved ones residing across the globe. what you need to do is just simply pick up your desired present from our website, fill up the form with mandatory details, and our kin will be greeting your friends and family just on the right date!
Our basic gift collection has stuff that are best fit for multiple occasions, i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, religious occasions, and just every special date of one’s life!

Property management

Moving to a bigger deal of property management. We serve it the same way: contact us for property buying, selling, renting, and even maintenance and we will be assisting you in the right way. However, your current destination doesn’t matter. Again, may it be anywhere on the globe, your properties back in Pakistan can be looked after effortlessly by us!

property management

Utility bills and taxes

Moreover, utility bills and taxes can be paid in the same by none other than your trusted kin, INSTAKIN.

utility bills

Event management

Last but not least, want to throw a birthday party for your kid or is it your parent’s silver jubilee? Don’t bother your relatives to get disappointed. Simply ping us up and our professional event managers will organize an absolutely flawless eve.

So what are you thinking of? Get in touch with us to get on board! – fill up the vendor registration form now and run your business with Instakin!
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All this can be summed up with: vendors are welcomed to collaborate with us for all the five categories mentioned above.
Enjoy 50% more happy business with Instakin!

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