Express Entry

Express entry is a Canadian immigration selection program. It involves the selection of skilled workers to enter the country. There are three parties involved in the procedure:
• Federal government
• Provincial governments
• Employers.
This program is targeted towards accepting immigration applications from potential workers who are willing to pass through the border to work and contribute to the country’s economy.

How express entry works?


Figure out your eligibility

For express entry, your first target is to clear a simple assessment exam stating your minimum eligibility criteria for immigration.


Documents submission

It is further followed by miscellaneous documents i.e., legal, educational, job, and lastly, test result documents.


Submit your profile

The next step is to submit your express entry profile that is solely based on your information. In case, if you are eligible for the purpose, your profile is put within the pool of thousands of candidates. Here, your profile is evaluated concerning your skills and expertise relevant to the field by calculating the points availed.


Invitation for permanent residency

The ones who score highest in the pool are granted with an invitation to apply for permanent residency within the time span of 60 days.
This is apparently the last step when you are half sure about flying to Canada in the next few days. The next ring is for the interview call but here, further processing is carried on applications that are supported by all required documents.

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