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Diwali 2019: The Festival Of Lights

Autumn is already here and we are all fascinated with the Diwali delight.
As the world knows, Diwali has its origin from the HINDU CULTURE dating back to the days of Lord Ram and his beloved wife, Sita. The word Diwali-that is often used as Divali or deepavali is derived from a Sanskrit word “DIPAVALI” that means “row of lights” in native language. It is the festival of lights that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all around the globe. The communities cherish the nights with lights and fireworks along with delicious sweet dishes and graceful attires over them.


Originally, the carnival is celebrated for five days considering the third day to be the biggest and the beloved one. However, only Hindus living in India are seen to carry the celebrations for all five days. Otherwise, elsewhere in the world, it is mainly honored the most on the third day.

History of Diwali

The history of the festival of lights dates back to one of the moonless nights in the history of Hinduism in 15th century BC. It was when Lord RAM, the deported king of Ayodhya returned home after escaping his beloved wife, Sita from her exile of 14 years. The night marked the GREAT LORD RAM to defeat RAVAN upon his act of abducting Sita. RAVAN was actually a DEMON and the KING OF LANKA.

diwali customs and traditions

However, their pleasure of home-coming was cherished by the residents of his kingdom. They gave a warm welcome to the Beloved King and his Queen by lighting their way with oil lamps (Diyas) so as to guide them on the moonless eve. – This is how it all started and it became a tradition to rejoice the carnival with Diyas and fireworks in the memory of the most awaited home coming of the leaders.


When is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is most likely to be celebrated in autumn or spring at last. However, as according to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated within the month of kartik. To make it easier, it starts from mid of October and ends by the mid of November. Particularly, it is believed to be the darkest night of the lunar when the new moon strikes its first beam.

Diwali 2019 will be celebrated on 27th October, 2019.

Diwali celebration and customs and traditions

Being the biggest festival of Hinduism, the festival is celebrated with joys of spring. Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains all around the globe are seem to be on cloud nine honoring the occasion with the best they could.

diwali celebration

The tradition sticks to revive the lightening of the night, and so celebrants are seen lighting up Diya and doing firework. With time, it has been modernized, and now we see more of candles, lamps, clay lamps, Diyas, and even lanterns haunting every place, from houses to mandirs and everywhere around!

Rivers are seen reflecting the most beautiful site of diyas floating throughout the edges. Moreover, this all is complimented with incredible fireworks, sweet dishes, and new clothes worn by every individual. However, the concept of firework is to ward off the evils’ spirit and pray for victory and blessings for the upcoming year.

“Diwali celebrates the blessings of enlightenment, freedom, and victory”

Traditional celebration of Diwali

Diwali is celebrated at its fullest only in India and here is how the five days are synchronized with different customs.

Day one marks the deep cleaning of house followed by making intricate mandalas that are called RANGOLI. These are usually made out of colored rice and sand.

As the sun emerges on the second morning, people are seen rushing to the markets to buy ingredients for sweet making. In addition to this, evening is spend worshiping to GOD for the soul piece of their ancestors in their afterlife.

diwali rangoli

Third day, being the largest, is when people just paint the town red and carnival is in its full swing. Every individual from kids to adults, is seen lighting diyas all around their houses and mandirs. Firework is heard on every tick of clock and there is barely a black part in the sky. Instead, it is sparking in the most beautiful way!
(South Indians consider second day to be the biggest)

The day of Padma

Fourth day is usually calm and it involves exchanging of gifts between families. However, it is the most important for couples and spouses are seen greeting wives with gifts, sweets, and flowers. While wives are supposed to seek longevity for their husbands from GOD.

diwali colors

The day of bhai Dooj/Bhau Beej

Last but not least, fifth day continues with gift exchanging and family gatherings but the day greets the bond between siblings. On this day, brothers and sisters are seen exchanging gifts with joy.


Diwali is the most blessed time of the year. It is not only when the firecrackers fill the air, but it is when the Hindu community is granted with the most amazing discounts. This time of the year marks the biggest shopping fair. Not only this, but the carnival holds financial values too for being the luckiest period for merchants. Many business communities are seen closing their financial books prior to Diwali and not only this, but the day is considered to hold optimistic values for merchants to buy new account books.

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