Our Core Team

We have had an amazing journey coming to where we are today. We continue to focus a value based proposition and the core element of our philosophy in our team. Our Multi-disciplinary team has strong operative experience and we continue to thrive thanks to their amazing work ethic.


Yasir Shirazi

Yasir Shirazi is based out of Boston and has successfully launched a digital business in recent years. Previously, Yasir disrupted the Digital Publishing business in South Asia by launching Parhlo.com which has millions of readers and contributors from all over the world. He is also the Founder of SocialCxN which is a Digital Partner of United Nations for Social Media Monitoring and Advocacy Marketing in Emerging Markets.

Yasir launched instakin.com since he believes in the vision of building a more connected world that provides a better future for both current and future immigrants. Using Big Data, Yasir plans to revolutionize how Immigrant needs are met globally. He completed his education from IBA (Karachi), Babson College (USA), Harvard University, and Siemens Academy (Germany) Read More..


Kirshan Vaswani

Kirshan Vaswani is a seasoned Entrepreneur who has successfully launched businesses in the past. A graduate of IBA Karachi, Kirshan held senior positions at leading financial institutions in Asia and has in-depth experience across FinTech solutions across the banking industry. He is considered an authority across multiple verticals including contract management, smart solutions, and mobility Read More..


Sarmad Shirazi

Dr Sarmad is a seasoned expert in vendor management and has successfully managed operations and contracts in his other ventures. He has a strong knowledge of the service-provider business model across SME industries and has been able to leverage that for the success of Instakin to-date. His core expertise are across data analytics, vendor management, and process excellence.Read More..

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