Canada is a multicultural country and that is what makes it an open platform to migrate to it for people from every corner of the globe. Canada welcomes immigrants to a plethora of facilities and growth opportunities and that is what makes this country a hub of multi-cultural people.
Migrating to Canada from Pakistan has never been a big deal and will never be. However, there are still some steps that require keen attention and professional assistance to lead a straight route to VISA handing.
Instakin is pleased to introduce you to their experienced, certified, and Canadian government recognized advisers. We render trusted immigration services for south Asians trying to make their way to Canada.


Instakin can help you deal with:

• Federal skilled workers program
• Express entry
• Provincial nomination (PNP)

Canada calls those immigrants to fly to its doors, who are eligible to make a contribution to the economy. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a government based department came up with express entry system which is further divided into two other wings:

• Federal skilled workers program
• Provincial nominee program

In an order to become a permanent resident in Canada, one has to submit an immigration application based on his eligibility. Canada offers multiple immigration programs to facilitate people from all the sectors of the society to migrate to it. An applicant may apply to immigrate as a worker, a refugee, or a sponsored person depending on his eligibility and reason for immigration.

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