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Issues faced by overseas Pakistanis are stressful, complex, and require a big time commitment; Instakin realized. From property management, documentation, family care to organizing personal and corporate events while also ensuring family’s health back home can be challenging. As founders and immigrants ourselves, Instakin drove out of our personal experiences where we sought a one stop solution for all problems which people living in abroad face. Now, as the world’s leading task management service provider, Instakin is committing to create your life hassle-free and secured.

It was a query on WhatsApp by an immigrant friend that inspired the idea of instakin with the company’s founders. The name too is very telling of our moto, to be your instant relative who gets things done fast. We are helpful, fast, responsive, and effective. Our services are gaining momentum very fast.

One of our founders is an overseas Pakistani himself and is well aware of the struggles to manage tasks that related to issues such as documentation, property management, event planning etc for back home. The company has been launched in 2019 and our task management services for immigrants are gaining momentum very fast.

In May 2019, Instakin.com was listed by MassChallenge (one of the top startup Accelerators in the world) as a disruptive idea that can be used by millions of immigrants worldwide to get things done in their home countries.

MassChallenge identified companies that can create a global footprint and can positively impact societies through innovation. We are proud to have been considered as one of the few.

Instakin.com seeks to create trust with the immigrant communities. We want them to rely on our trusted services for all kinds of tasks that impact their lives as well as that of their loved ones in their home countries.

We make life hassle-free for our clients by doing all the heavy lifting for them so they do not have to run around looking for service providers who maybe unreliable. We are the platform that wants to change this market and make it more convenient for all immigrants worldwide to get things done back home hassle-free!!

We continue to lead in redistributing the local labor markets and making them more efficient for the immigrant communities. Trust us to help your life become less stressful and more organized because at the end of the day Instakin has been tailored to fulfil your needs and we are here to make things happen for you.

Instakin.com has been launched by the same team that already runs two successful Digital Ventures.
Parhlo.com is a leading Digital Publisher for the South Asian community with millions of readers worldwide.

SocialCxN.com is a leading Digital PR and marketing platform that helps international brands amplify their messaging across the Web. Its client list includes organizations such as United Nations, Pepsi, WPP, Unilever Corporation and many more.

HD Strategy offers tailored Consulting services towards digital business needs. HD Strategy is specialized
in providing end to end digital solutions enabling our brand partners to drive superior marketing
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The same team now is leading the charge to help immigrants with an efficient task management service. We look forward to serving you well. Learn more about Our Services